The surrounding area

El Cortijuelo Rural Accommodations is located in Escóznar, a town in the province of Granada, in the municipality of Íllora. Nearby towns include Obéilar, Valderrubio, Loja, and Láchar. Because the town was established at the foot of the Sierra Parapanda, Escóznar by its very nature appears to be the classic mountain town. Come visit, and enjoy an authentic rural atmosphere. Here, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but still enjoy all the comforts of a lovely home with hot water, fireplaces, television and fully equipped kitchens. With all the modern comforts and conveniences, but with the essence of yesteryear.

In Escóznar, at the foot of the Sierra de Parapanda

The landscape surrounding Escóznar is dotted with olive groves, a vista enhanced by the presence of the Sierra de Parapanda, a fundamental part of the Subbética mountain range and northern limit of Vega de Granada. At 1600 meters in height, it is covered in dense vegetation and is home to a variety of fauna (including eagles and owls). Nestled in its topography are a multitude of routes and trails which offer incredible views, - truly ideal for lovers of hiking.


Quite close to the country estate of the Dukes of Wellington

Just down the road from El Cortijuelo Country Home Accommodations is the expansive country estate of the Dukes of Wellington. This estate, built in the early 19th century, is famous around the world for being the retreat of British Prince Charles and Camilla Parker. The estate covers over 900 hectares and is full of olive trees. Comprising several residences, it was a gift from the Cortes of Cádiz to the first Duke of Wellington in appreciation of his military aid to Spain during the War of Independence against Napoleon. Today, it remains a retreat for the Duke of Wellington's family. This is where, in 2016, the wedding of Alejandro Santo Domingo and Lady Charlotte Wellesley, daughter of the Duke, was celebrated.