La Casilla

La Casilla

The Cottage in which we would all like to live

Among the houses that make up the Rural Accommodations at El Cortijuelo is La Casilla. This house is a bit smaller than the Casa Grande, but it is spacious enough. This old house was where the caretakers lived, and included an old stable. Now, fully refurbished, it has become a wonderful home.

Covering 170 square meters distributed over two floors, it consists of four bedrooms (three doubles and one single), two bathrooms, a private terrace with wonderful vistas and all the rest of the amenities that characterize our Rural Accommodations. 

What we believe makes it such a lovely place is its beautiful living room, which offers two distinct atmospheres, its fireplace and its large windows overlooking the countryside. And let’s not forget its private, intimate porch with stone table and benches. The essence of tradition, comfort and nature present and palpable in every corner of the house.

Capacity of up to 7 people

La Casilla can accommodate up to 7 people, but if you and yours exceed that number, do not hesitate to ask about the prices for the entire complex. Remember, all of the Rural Accommodations at El Cortijuelo can be hired.

Common areas: a porch with barbecue and bar

Did you know that at El Cortijuelo we can tap a keg of beer for you? Just ask us! We will take care of everything. You can enjoy the common areas, a porch with barbecue, bar and other amenities.






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Frequent Questions

  • Casa Grande: €300 per night
  • La Casilla: €210 per night
  • El Horno: €150 per night

December 24 and 31

  • Casa Grande: €150 extra
  • La Casilla: €100 extra
  • El Horno: €90 extra

The standard minimum number of nights per reservation is 2. If you wish to make a reservation of only one night, the prices would be the following:

  • Casa Grande: €300 per night
  • La Casilla: €210 per night
  • El Horno: €150 per night

If you wish, you can hold celebrations at El Cortijuelo, for which there is an extra fee of €150.

The standard capacity is 20 people. If the number of people attending the celebration exceeds this number, we charge €6 for each additional person not staying overnight.

Yes, we have sacks of firewood available. The price per sack is €6 per sack, to be charged at the end of your stay.

Alhambra beer.

50L : €120

30L : €90

Check-in after 12:30 p.m. Check-out before 12:30 p.m.

If you check out later than 12:30 p.m. a general charge of €60 will be applied.

In the event you have hired one of the houses, the individual prices are as follows:

  • Casa Grande: €30
  • La Casilla: €25
  • El Horno: €15

Yes, there is Wifi for everyone, and it can be found on the porch.

Children under 2 years old do not pay. We have free cots and high chairs available.

The cost per pet is €5.

Other accommodations

8 persons​


210€ Per night

5 persons​


120€ Per night

2 persons​


70€ Per night