El Pajar

El Pajar

The coziest corner of El Cortijuelo

The perfect retreat for two people. For a couple, for two friends, for you and your child.  We love it. And, if the whole farmhouse complex is cozy, this little corner is especially so.

Our charming little Pajar, with 1 bedroom, is an intimate space designed to conserve warmth, specifically, human warmth. Once upon a time, it was actually the hayloft and henhouse for the farmhouse. Now, after being fully rehabilitated, visitors always tell us the same thing: this little apartment is warm in winter, cool in summer and always, always comfy and cozy.

You can reserve just the Pajar or rent the whole house. But, if you decide to rent just the Pajar, you should know that, like the other houses, it offers some precious outdoor areas: a private, intimate Andalusian patio with barbecue, large common spaces, including swimming pool and patio, and ample space for parking. And it features a bar so you can tap and enjoy the kegs of beer we offer!

In addition, this cozy little apartment we call El Pajar includes heating, hot water, fireplace, television and a kitchen with all appliances. Enjoy a natural setting and country living with all the comforts of home.






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Frequent Questions

  • Casa Grande: €300 per night
  • La Casilla: €210 per night
  • El Horno: €150 per night
  • El Pajar: €70 per night

December 24 and 31
  • Casa Grande: €150 extra
  • La Casilla: €100 extra
  • El Horno: €90 extra
  • El Pajar: €80 extra
The standard minimum number of nights per reservation is 2. If you wish to make a reservation of only one night, the prices would be the following:
  • Casa Grande: €300 per night
  • La Casilla: €210 per night
  • El Horno: €150 per night
  • El Pajar: €70 per night

If you wish, you can hold celebrations at El Cortijuelo, for which there is an extra fee of €150.

The standard capacity is 24 people. If the number of people attending the celebration exceeds this number, we charge €6 for each additional person not staying overnight.

Yes, we have sacks of firewood available. The price per sack is €6 per sack, to be charged at the end of your stay.

Alhambra beer.

50L : €120

30L : €90

Check-in after 12:30 p.m. Check-out before 12:30 p.m.

If you check out later than 12:30 p.m. a general charge of €60 will be applied.

In the event you have hired one of the houses, the individual prices are as follows:

  • Casa Grande: €30
  • La Casilla: €25
  • El Horno: €15
  • El Pajar: €5

Yes, there is Wifi for everyone, and it can be found on the porch.

Yes, the price per bed and night is €16.

During high season and in the case of a one night exception, the price is €20.

Children under 2 years old do not pay. We have free cots and high chairs available.

The cost per pet is €5.

Otros alojamientos

10 persons​


210€ Per night

5 persons​


120€ Per night