The location of El Cortijuelo Rural Accommodations in Granada is perfect for visiting the Sierra Nevada and the Costa Tropical, as well as a number of sites of touristic and cultural interest that add to the enchantment of the area. For example, there are the Family House of Federico García Lorca and the Bernarda Alba House Museum, in Valderrubio, the Íllora and Láchar Castles, the Gollizono Route, and, finally, the town of Montefrío, which, according to National Geographic, is one of the towns that offers “the best vistas in the world”.

Visit the Arab Castle of Íllora

Escóznar is a Spanish town and district belonging to the municipality of Íllora. There are a number of sites of interest to be found in the municipality of Íllora. Perhaps the most famous is the Arab castle of Íllora, an enclosure first built during the Taifal period, which grew in area over the years until the erection of a series of watchtowers that in the end established its role as a military fortress within the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada. With its most recent restoration, Íllora Castle is safer and has recovered its urban presence and ease of access. If you have the chance, we recommend you visit the castle and soak up the atmosphere of one of the best-preserved Andalusian structures in the province.


The House of Bernarda Alba and the Family Home of Federico García Lorca

We go now to the town of Valderrubio, where we discover a number of spots of cultural interest. We have, for example, the Family Home of Federico García Lorca, the property in which Lorca spent several years with his family, from 1905 to 1909. The house contains belongings and pieces that have been preserved over the years and illustrate facets of the poet's life in this home.

And, speaking of experiences related to Lorca, we don't have to go very far to find an experience that takes the concept of museum to another level. In the same town, Valderrubio, we can visit the House of Bernarda Alba! Yes, the very house that inspired the play by the great poet. Here, we can enjoy a theatrical visit that will allow us, for 50 minutes, to experience the history behind the text in a very special way.

Montefrío: the greatest vistas in the world?

A few years ago we came across this bit of news: National Geographic included Montefrío, a town in Granada very close to the El Cortijuelo Rural Accommodations, among the ten towns with the most beautiful panoramic views in the world. Of course, we were not surprised. On the contrary, given how close it is to Escoznar, we are very familiar with the charms of this town. If you have not yet visited it, we highly recommend it.

Láchar Castle

Moving along through the area surrounding Escoznar, we make one final stop: Láchar Castle. The castle´s official website describes it as a 'treasure to be discovered', and in our opinion this is no exaggeration. This palace was built by Duke San Pedro de Galatino at the end of the 19th century and, today, it is considered a part of our Spanish Historical Heritage, as well as an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Horse trails

Can you imagine riding on horseback along a route winding its way through a historical setting with cultural implications? There is a route we recommend which takes you on a visit to the places where Lorca wrote. A ride through the lands his family owned, taking us to Valderrubio, where we find the house in which Federico spent long periods over the summer.

The route then goes on to Fuente Vaqueros, where you can discover the river that inspired ‘Yerma’, passing through Chauchina, a town steeped in history, and flowing into where we first set out: Láchar.

Balloon rides

Yes, you read correctly: spectacular balloon rides organized in our area. You will enjoy the views and have a truly amazing experience. If you would like more information, don't hesitate to ask us.

And what about the local gastronomy?

In Escóznar you are sure to eat very well. The local gastronomy - below we highlight some of the finest establishments - offers the best Mediterranean food and the richest country recipes. You will be well-fed, happy, and satisfied.

  • Bar Nono (Escóznar) drinks and food served 616425794
  • Bar la Bodega (Illora)
  • Bar 72 (Illora)
  • Cafe Latino (Illora). Breakfast and snacks. Located at the foot of the castle.