El Cortijuelo

Rural accommodations for holiday rental located in Vega de Granada

El Cortijuelo is a group of Rural Accommodations for holiday rental located in the heart of Vega de Granada, in Escoznar, 20 minutes from the capital, 60 from the Sierra Nevada and 80 from the coast, with magnificent views of the Sierra Nevada, the valley and the western mountains (Sierra de Parapanda).

It consists of 3 individual houses which can accommodate up to 8-7-5, people respectively. It is possible to hire the entire complex or each house individually.

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El Cortijuelo Rural Accommodations is located in Escóznar, a town in the province of Granada, in the municipality of Íllora. Nearby towns include Obéilar, Valderrubio, Loja, and Láchar. Because the town was established at the foot of the Sierra Parapanda, Escóznar by its very nature appears to be the classic mountain town. Come visit, and enjoy an authentic rural atmosphere. Here, you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city, but still enjoy all the comforts of a lovely home with hot water, fireplaces, television and fully equipped kitchens.
The location of El Cortijuelo Rural Accommodations in Granada is perfect for visiting the Sierra Nevada and the Costa Tropical, as well as a number of sites of touristic and cultural interest that add to the enchantment of the area. For example, there are the Family House of Federico García Lorca and the Bernarda Alba House Museum, in Valderrubio, the Íllora and Láchar Castles, the Gollizono Route, and, finally, the town of Montefrío, which, according to National Geographic, is one of the towns that offers „the best vistas in the world“.

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